Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What I Learned From The First Presidential Debate

1. ...


Perhaps I need to take a different approach to this.

When I settled in to watch last night (well, "settled" is putting it strongly), I thought, "Hey, this is something you should write about. You know, like every other blogger out there."

But the truth of the matter is ... I don't want to disseminate the answers that were given. Partially because very few actual answers were given -- but also because let's face it, there are plenty of opinion pieces out there. I don't need to add to that noise.

That got me to thinking, though. I did have some observations.

1. I am not a Republican.

2. I am not a Democrat.

At least, I'm certainly not a party-line person for either crowd. The viewpoints I heard last night didn't win me over for either side. Given that ours is a stalwart two-party system at the moment, I find my lack of identity (and representation) incredibly frustrating.

None of that was truly new, but the polarization was irritating.

3. There are those who prepare well for debates and those who do not. Like it or not, Mr. Trump wasn't prepared for whole thing -- maybe he had the talking points, but he didn't have the patience for the full ninety minutes. (Or should I say the stamina?) I find that worrisome. Ninety minutes isn't very long.

4. I'm not sure Secretary Clinton takes her opponent as seriously as she should. (This is based solely on body language and tone, mind you.) That is also worrisome.

5. Apparently, I get annoyed when people don't follow debate protocol.

6. Are there people watching the crowd to make sure the audience stays quiet? What happens if you react too loudly?

7. Mid-debate hyperbole is a bad idea.

8. Chinese food and wine goes really well with a Presidential debate.

9. This is a rare time where football can help a person's blood pressure stay down. Thank you, MNF, for airing at the same time.

10. The election season is now in full force. I've gotten fifteen phone calls just today on my landline. There are entire weeks where I don't get that many.

11. The more I see of these two yahoos, the more I want to see Governor Johnson on stage as well. At this point, as much because I like the guy as to mix things up a bit.

12. FiveThirtyEight helps me stay sane. When in doubt, statistics.

13. October is gonna be a mess.

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