Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I hated to break the segregation, really I did, but I'm here anyway.

It's been an interesting day, all things considered. I learned a little about DNA analysis (which I will hopefully be researching next year), took a make-up test, then played with the lyophilizer until I had it all figured out. Just a couple of minutes ago, I crashed a previously only-male computer lab, a little early for my group meeting so I could sit back and talk to you people.

The test went shockingly well. After hearing from the rest of my class, I was anticipating the worst, but I got an A. Yay!

Still recovering from my awesome weekend. There's a lot of missing sleep that I still haven't made up for, and I definitely feel it. Thankfully, the weather's been awesome, which serves as a sort of energizing force.

It also lends to a bad case of spring fever. Only three weeks to go and I'm not totally certain I can make it. My birthday's right after that, but it looks like I'll be spending it alone at a restaurant somewhere, finally able to enjoy a glass of wine with my meal (provided I bring my birth certificate, since no one will believe my ID ... I still get carded for rated "R" movies, for crying out loud).

On a different note, there's been a fair amount of wildlife visible today. I scared some deer out of the parking lot earlier, then almost stepped on a duck (no, really) that was apparently almost as tame as the rabbits on campus. Add to that the swarm of mosquitos I accidentally walked through (quadrupling the total number of mosquitos I've seen out here) and you've got yourself a bona fide spring day.

I'll need to rant about the Evil Empire pretty soon. Still need to gather my thoughts, though, so we'll see when that happens. Grr ...

Oof. Pizza's still rumbling around in my stomach. Anyway, my group will be here soon, so ... enjoy your day!

If you have a lot of tension and you get a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle: take two and keep away from children.

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