Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Write On

Stationery is depressingly hard to find.

Yes. That is a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robot.
He is lurking.
I love writing letters. There's something indescribably fun about getting "real mail" -- and it's almost more enjoyable to be the one responsible for that fun. I even have a designated spot in the house where my cards and other implements are kept and where a space is almost always clear for me to settle in and write.

And oh my goodness, do I get a kick out of sending postcards when I'm on the road. (Postagram, people.)

It's one of my best stress relievers. In fact, for a solid chunk of college Mia Sorella and I sent each other letters written on whatever we could grab at the time -- notebook paper, old worksheets, newspaper margins. An envelope from her was a miniature adventure into her week and I loved every one of them.

Actually, that basket is largely filled with her old letters. 

Over time, it got harder to send her things (thank you, international postage) and our habits gradually died. 

But then. 

As it turns out, I have some particularly excellent folks in my life who get a kick out of staying in contact the old-fashioned way. Sure, we can send each other texts and chat on Facebook, but the things that come to mind when you sit and write a letter are ... different. 

More in depth. 

Dare I say, more interesting. 

Which brings me to my latest conundrum. I have a somewhat jarring collection of cards (sheesh) and I continue to find fun ones. However, standard paper stationery -- pretty sheets with coordinating envelopes, or even just fun paper -- isn't as easy to find as it once was. If I were trying to throw a birthday party or a bridal shower, I'd have plenty of options. 

But alas, for normal letter-writing, I seem to be limited to Amazon. Even my local indie bookstore (to whom I would happily hand my money) is lacking. 


Any suggestions out there? Anyone know of a good spot in Rapid?

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