Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Cold.

Denver gave me a cold.

I always enjoy visiting the land of the rugged yuppie, and I almost always come back with something. A new outlook on the weeks ahead. Perspective on friendships. An irritating song stuck in my head. This time, after an impromptu weekend trip that involved a concert, multiple dinners, Shorty's bouldering gym, some fascinating new acquaintances, and a couple of energetic hours of Capture the Flag, I came back with ... a cold.

Other things, too, of course. But this is the one that's lingering and the reason I keep trying to avoid coming into contact with too many people.

"But Ashley," you ask, "doesn't your job require you to talk to people? Maybe even a lot?"

Why yes, hypothetical you, it does. Hence the problem this morning.

Wish me luck. More importantly, wish our guests luck. (I promise to avoid contact with food to the best of my ability.)

Also ... DayQuil.


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