Thursday, September 25, 2014

Not Gonna Work This Time

I want to have something profound to say. Or at least relevant.

But tonight, I'm just ... tired.

After 3,500(ish) miles, I rolled into my driveway last night sometime after 8:30. Today was, of course, a full day of work, including a fair bit of random catch-up. Tomorrow, the buffalo roundup ... which means we leave camp before 6AM.

And furthermore, it hit 90 degrees today and likely will again tomorrow. Because Mother Nature is abnormally cruel this year.

I want to move on to additional trip stories because I have some really good ones. After that kind of mileage, it's pretty much a requirement. Heck, just the people I met could fuel pages and pages of stories. (I'll try to tone it down a bit. R&Bs -- that story is too good to pass up and you will feature prominently. Stay tuned.)

But tonight? I need to sleep.

An old photo from the very first trip I took with Sophie.

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