Thursday, July 17, 2014


On the last night of camp at the last campfire, it is semi-traditional for the smaller camps to do a round of highs and lows (and sometimes mid-week, but we'll stick with the end of the week). Given that I'm attempting much more regular posting around here, I thought maybe I should give myself at least one weekly gimme.

This last week (since my weeks tend to go from Friday to Friday) has involved a couple of camps, a group of 150 women and girls, a visit from Mom, and my parents thinking that maaaaybe they might have their housing situation figured out. Maybe. So! My highs and lows. But in the opposite order.

  • My water heater decided to quit working, most likely on Saturday.
  • Sometime Sunday night (or Monday morning?) I lost my cell phone ... and I still haven't found it.
  • I really need to clean my house.

  • New water heater! At which point the plumber discovered that my old one was hooked up backwards, which explained why I had roughly one and a half showers' worth of hot water.
  • I have the house to myself for a couple days now.
  • I had an honest-to-goodness day off where I slept in and did very little.
  • I reeeeeally like the area my parents are considering moving.
  • Travel thoughts -- always a plus. (Anyone want to meet me in ... Ohio for a weekend? Yeah, I know. But still ... Anyone?)
  • Banquet night! Always a bit on the stressful side, but I like the break in routine. (The waiting around part of banquet night is a low, though.)
  • Apparently I've gone down a work shirt size since summer started. WOOT.
  • I've suddenly become a hugger this week. Which ... I guess is a good thing? It's weird. Maybe I need a middle-ground category.

I'd say it's been a good week.

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