Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Familial Update

As we head into a weekend of family gatherings (including one for my own family), I thought perhaps I could give some of you friends and/or regular readers an idea of what's been going on here.

My father's been living with me since he started his new job a couple months ago. In the meantime, Mom and Mia Sorella have been prepping the house back east for sale ... and as it happens, it sold right before it was put on the market. (Yep. Before.) Which means now the 'rents are house-hunting out here. From my perspective, this means an increasing number of conversations that start with me asking, "So, found anything yet?" and end in disappointment.

In the meantime, Mia Sorella is officially at a waiting point as far as Jay's paperwork goes. Just waiting. So stop asking her about it because when she's knows something, the entire world will know something.

And finally, Shorty & Miss M have not yet set a date, to my knowledge.

There's the update.

... I need to go to sleep now.

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