Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another Bug Post

I was trying to explain to someone how things have changed since the beetles invaded, why we're putting such effort into controlling it, why we have such strange events around it -- and it was kind of hard. But thanks to modern technology (Google Earth) I have opportunities for visual aids.

For the sake of clarity, I'll point out that this isn't necessarily representative of the whole region. There are areas that haven't yet been hit to speak of, and plenty of spots where the damage is minimal. But there are also places where the trees have been all but wiped out, and the Harney Peak area is one of those, partially because it started right around there.

So here's that region about a decade ago. From here you're looking at roughly a mile across.

 Wait. That's a terrible shot. Something was wrong with their overlay, clearly.

Those arrows indicate where there haven't been trees for ... heck, possibly ever. Especially the one on the right, which is a rather large chunk of granite. Let's try this again. This is about a year later, in 2005 as I started my senior year of college. Still very green.

Lesser quality but more accurate overlay. I love the pictures-over-the-years slider. Let's see a few more.

This is from the end of 2009 (according to the official image date at the bottom, not the slider). By this point -- four years later -- a lot of trees have died.

And another one. July of 2011. Less rust because most of the needles are gone.

And now ... April of last year.

There it is. Just a little perspective to start the week.

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