Thursday, December 5, 2013


Jef Mallett is regularly my hero.
I am now quite comfortable declaring it winter.

Forget the winter solstice -- the weather's not waiting. Heck, our first major snow was the first week of October. Now, after a Thanksgiving spent in the 50s, this morning led to it being around -10 (with no windchill) when I stepped outside. It's cold enough that I spent all day in two extra layers (but apparently not cold enough for the Bossman to forsake his shorts). It's cold enough that my fancy-schmancy thermostat is trying to find synonyms for "really cold" for its five-day forecast.

It seems to like the word "frigid" an awful lot.

And it's cold ... everywhere, from at least Bozeman, MT, to Wausau, WI. We're sitting somewhere near the middle of that 1000-mile swath of freeze. The kind of day where I'm finding excuses to stay inside my house where the temperature is comfortable and my feet stay warm.

That trip into town I was considering tonight? Yeah ... Probably not going to happen.

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