Monday, July 30, 2012


(More palatable stuff to come. But not right now.)

I've come to the part of Ashley Camp where I fully intend to do nothing but ... hide. And so it is that I've come to appreciate my location, in the highest room of the tallest tower, overlooking the camp but out of reach (and more importantly, sight) of the campers.

Despite the climb up the hill every time I decide I need food or something.

I came out here this week in need of space and alone time, and I can't say I haven't gotten just that. It's possible I needed other things, too -- the chance to think without interruption, removal from constant Internet access and the easy distractions that brings, required effort instead of the simplicity of a well-stocked kitchen less than fifty feet away at any given time.

As good as the last year and a half has been -- and despite my groans, it really has been pretty spectacular -- being out here reminds me that I've been treading water far too long. Maybe I won't find that permanent spot I've begun to crave, but I may just stumble over the next step.

For now, I take in the quiet and wait for the clouds in the west to blow over. It looks like rain, and that looks so good.

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