Monday, April 30, 2012

April-Ending Vignettes

1. As an offshoot of Party of One, let me just say ... I love being a regular at a restaurant. I love walking into a place and knowing the staff by name. I love it when they know what I'm going to order before I order it. I love the comfort of chatting with people who wander through. However, it's a little alarming when you realize how much more you hear as a regular than as a normal diner.

2. I'm really looking forward to "The Avengers" on Friday, even if it'll be a little while before I get to see it. Maybe it's because it's a Joss Whedon movie. Maybe it's because it's been in the works for so long and I've heard about it since almost the very beginning. Maybe it's just because I'm a nerd. In any case, I can't wait.

3. It's been some time since I paid this much attention to "Dancing With The Stars." I guess it took them casting a Packer. (And Urkel! Who knew we'd ever have the chance to look at Urkel and say, "Dang...")

4. All of our fruit trees are done (or very nearly done) blooming.

5. Raise your hand if you're excited about May.

6. Sometimes it can be very interesting to live in a small town. For instance, it is an election year. There will be a lot of yard signs. However, I suspect the current city council and school board signs will outnumber the later presidential campaign signs two to one.

7. I need to do some advertising. You see, in recent history I've discovered that two places in this area are in fact owned by some pretty cool acquaintances of mine. (Inspired by my lunch stop twenty minutes ago at one of these places.) If you're from the area, you're probably familiar with our own little chain, B&G Milky Way -- best ice cream in town, and the one in Tea is no exception. Recommended. Also, I have to put in a plug for Coffea, a one-of-a-kind joint in Sioux Falls owned by a couple of fantastic locals as well. Great coffee and (while this may sound like sideways praise, some of us find it interesting) the best decaf in town, hands down. Trust me -- I've done my research.

8. Can it be summer yet? I miss this...

 A lot.

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