Friday, June 18, 2004

Life On The Mountain

Well, things are good here at Storm Mountain. The work is getting more hectic as groups get bigger, but what do you expect?

The group we have here now is kind of a pain. They're ... demanding. Not just, "Hey, where's the coffee?" demanding, but rather, "Hey, we used these things last year--where are they? Oh, you don't know? I'll go badger someone else for awhile." Yeah, that one got old. And they were joyriding in the golf cart.

The people dynamics are getting interesting, too. Yay for Dyan and Eric.

Wedding number ... three tomorrow. Gonna be a fun one. (Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

Still uncertain about most everything else in my life. And I still love you, Jesse. But that doesn't change where I stand (or rather, where I ride the fence).

On that note ... I'm out of here. Sorry for the really short update.

Congratulations Spork!!! Yay!!!

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