Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Things I Learned...

... By Throwing Out My Back

1. Problems build up over time. Spraining an ankle and limping funny for awhile, moving many stacks of boxes and furniture, uneven volumes of physical exercise -- all of it can come back and bite you when you dodge pets chasing each other while you're bent over funny trying to find something.

Sick days as an adult!
2. In related news, these are the times old injuries will haunt you.

3. Injuring yourself in a house full of people is much better than injuring yourself while alone. More embarrassing, but better.

4. I am very whiny when I'm abruptly helpless.

5. My family is a group of remarkably patient humans.

6. I like chiropractors.

7. Biofreeze is weird stuff.

8. Getting stuck holding still for a day or two isn't the worst fate, but I'm going to be relieved when it's over.

9. I can't imagine how people deal with this kind of thing on a regular or constant basis. It hurts too damn much for sanity.

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