Monday, May 8, 2017

A SoDak Tour

My first order of business once The Unemployment started was to visit my siblings.

... Look, I've been threatening you with this one for awhile. Figured I should get around to posting it.


At the beginning of March, after a few days in Rapid to recoup and find some of my stuff (seriously, I've misplaced everything at least twice), I packed up my car and hit the road. My goals were simple -- I wanted to hang out with The Hyphenates and sleep. And maybe read some books.

Oh, and I wanted to take the scenic route.

So I drove through the Badlands...

... and I stopped in Chamberlain to visit Dignity for the first time.

Sioux Falls was a pleasant surprise. The weather was fantastic -- I spent the whole time in sandals and Mia Sorella and I hit every park we could. Adding a couple run-ins with Jess and you have a good (quick) trip.

While it was spring break for Mia Sorella, grad school doesn't leave much free time -- so after a couple days, I said so long and left for Shorty & Em's.

But first, coffee!

I continued my quest for SoDak sights, first trying for the Porter Sculpture Park ... which is closed in the off-season.

And then a quick drive past the Corn Palace.

Yeah, really just a drive past. I did not feel like stopping.

Then, it was on to visit Shorty and Em.

Up the river...

... and on to Highmore.

This time, there was a day trip to the Capitol...

... hammocking in the basement ...

... and far too many cat pictures.

This time, I did a much better job of hanging out and reading books (mostly in that hammock), which meant I actually relaxed a little. It was strange how difficult it was to switch out of "just keep moving" mode into "and now we wait" mode, but it happened there. Finally.

Well, until it started snowing.

As at Christmas, I spent an extra night in the middle of the state before heading back. My last stop was another quick one -- this time, Wall Drug.

Why? Well, I had to collect as many SoDak landmarks as possible. It would be a couple more weeks before I actually stopped by Mount Rushmore, though...

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