Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Few Things

1. I have had a kind of weird May. The main skill I've acquired is an ability to predict (and dodge) the patch of a lost 3-year-old.

2. This xkcd makes me giggle.

3. People have repeatedly commented on my patience in the last two weeks, some of that referring to the job wait and some of it referring to preschoolers. I have to admit -- I'm running low on patience with one of those, and it's not the ones with still-developing motor skills.

4. Unexpected refunds instantly improve a week.

5. Especially when they're from super-frustrating phone companies.

6. Road trip questions! I've done my standard online research but I still like to ask for real human input. If you know anything about shower facilities in the Moab area, let me know. (I'm relatively familiar with the region itself, so I'll happily take names and general locations.) Shorty and I are going to be headed that way for a few days for a sibling hike/bike trip and camping on the cheap, but I suspect I'll lose my sanity if I skip showers that long.

7. Ooh, or inexpensive kayak rentals.

8. Mmmm. Moab...

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