Thursday, March 30, 2017

An Endorsement

This is a beer with a story.

Almost a year ago, my parents went to Tacoma, Washington, for a conference along with several of Dad's cohorts. One of said cohorts -- who is not a beer guy -- won a rather pretty stainless steel growler filled with beer.

Remember that part where I said it was almost a year ago? Yeah, keep that in mind.

Dad went to another conference this week (a local one this time) and that same guy was there. And he'd brought along his gifted growler. "Hey, I know you like this kind of stuff ... Why don't you take this?"

When he got home, we all had a pretty good laugh at the (again, rather pretty) growler and speculated about the beer. A year old in a growler? Probably not going to be a great experience, even though the guy was sure to point out that he'd kept it in the fridge this whole time.

Guess what?

It's delicious. Seriously, really tasty. A clean IPA with a smooth finish and ... I'm impressed.

And as impressed as I am with the beer itself, I'm really, REALLY impressed by whoever filled the growler. Because wow, s/he did an absolutely phenomenal job.

So here's to you, North Sound Brewing Company out of Mount Vernon, Washington. Your product is delicious and your staff is impeccably trained.

And that is awesome.

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