Tuesday, February 21, 2017


This is the longest I've lived in one house in my adult life.

I mention this because holy cow, have I accumulated a bunch of stuff I don't need. 

A week ago, all of my furniture and half my boxes got hauled out thanks to the help of friends and family and a Uhaul. Since then I've been sorting, tossing, and packing boxes while basically camping in my living room. And it has been ... illuminating.

No matter where I end up next, I won't have the space I have now. This is the ultimate opportunity to cut back.

And it's working. I think.

This is the dregs part of packing. It's no one's favorite part. This is when I start questioning moving at all. This is the point where the Admiral, seven years ago, genuinely considered burning a house down.

Okay, fine. Maybe he didn't consider it that seriously.

To cope, I find myself binging on TV shows I've already watched (because they don't take any concentration) and having impromptu movie marathons. I'll turn on an audiobook and listen to half of it, or six podcasts in a row. And when I need an extra pick-me-up, there's always chocolate.

This morning, I even broke out the Hawaiian coffee. I'd been saving it for my first week in a new apartment ... but it seems silly to save it for an event that I'm not certain will happen anytime soon. Instead, I made a pot to celebrate my time at Storm.

It's not hard to celebrate right now. The weather is perfect (it hit close to 70 today) and the melting snow means I was gifted with an early, if short-lived, spring to end my time here. My windows are open, and every time I step outside I'm greeted with the lovely scent of wet pine.

Snow might be forecast for later this week, but for now? For now, I get to indulge in a little nostalgia for my favorite time of year in camp.

Alas, I should get back to work. And possibly pour another cup of coffee.

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