Tuesday, January 3, 2017

This Week

1. It is cold. But it's also pretty.

2. The PoGo event right now has been fun, even if Mia Sorella kind of hates my luck.

3. Had a near incident the other day ... Headed into Rapid and while on the highway (which has a 60mph speed limit at that point) and the rear bumper fell off the vehicle in front of me. Before you could say, "You don't see that every day," I had swerved into the right turn lane and the truck behind me into the passing lane. Thankfully, the bumper stayed in its lane.

No one was hurt. The bumper was the only casualty.

4. New Year's was good, but I am getting old.

5. I am a mediocre plow-er but we can get out, so that's good.

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