Sunday, January 1, 2017

That "Goal" Thing

I would love to say that I've stopped making resolutions, but the full truth is that they usually just take on new titles each year. Instead of resolutions, they're "accomplishments" or "goals" or whatever -- same thing, different synonyms. 

This year? This year I'm starting with stuff from 2016 that actually worked out, since it's always fun to start a list with things you can immediately cross off...


Things I'm Taking With Me Into 2017:

1. A note-taking habit that started in 2016 that has me paying much more attention to the junk I eat and drink. (Knowledge is power!)

2. A new journaling habit thanks to the bullet journal craze.

3. An addiction to the Stitcher app, which allows me to binge on podcasts like some folks binge Netflix. Seriously, I've learned so much in recent history...

Things I'm Not Taking With Me In 2017:

1. That couch, probably.

2. All sorts of stuff that I've had in boxes for years that I have no business moving again.

3. Unnecessary stress over things I can't control, whether that's related to people, places, or Packers games.

Things I'm Hoping I Find In 2017:

1. An awesome new apartment in Denver.

2. At least one volunteer experience, preferably something that lets me geek out regularly.

3. The ability to stick with and finish my couple of Great Courses from Audible.


There. That seems like a pretty good start.

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