Friday, December 9, 2016

Infinity & Beyond

John Glenn died, folks.

My brother posted about this on his Facebook page with the question of why no one is talking about it -- so I'm talking about it.

John Glenn, a pioneer in space travel -- the first American to orbit the earth -- the last of the original group of men selected to be astronauts (the Mercury Seven) -- the oldest human to go into space (in 1998 at age 77) -- has died.

In certain circles, this news exploded. This is a man who not only went into space, but served in World War II and the Korean War. [Holy cow, Ted Williams was his wingman for a time in the Korean War. Because the world isn't as big as we think.] After and among all that, he was in the US Senate for a quarter of a century, even vied for a spot on the Democratic Presidential ticket in 1976. This is a man that was married for 73 years to the same woman, who had a family and a life outside of all those accomplishments.

I'm still a bit in awe.

Yesterday, we lost someone who actively changed the course of human history.

Yes, he was 95 when he died. No, that is not young. But oh my goodness, guys, he packed an awful lot into those 95 years. I mean, I just hit a few of the big highlights there.

Most of us can imagine accomplishing one of the things he did. He did them all. Whether or not you liked him or his politics, there is so much to admire in his life.

Thank you, sir, for blazing the way for the rest of us.

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