Saturday, November 12, 2016


Because it's been an absolutely psychotic week (in my case, on both a micro and macro level) and because some days you just need a lift ... Today, I'm doing the November thing and trying to be grateful.

And yes, that means you have to hear about it.

This week, I'm grateful for ...

Completed chemotherapy treatments. (Thinking of you, Kaci!)

Family gatherings with lots of food, including when the hunters turn up at the ranch and I get to go mooch.

Long hours worked by people trying to solve a problem.

Weather that cooperates with a water leak (read: not freezing).

Actually, just really great weather.

Good timing and good hearing.

Floor drains in old bathrooms. (Yes. Those two are related.)

The simple ability to do my dishes.

Long drives across wide open spaces.

New phones with new apps.

... There. For now, that makes me feel just a little bit calmer.

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