Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Long Weekend

There are few weekends more satisfying than long weekends post-summer.

This one was no exception.

There was kayaking (on some surprisingly rough but fun waters).

I did not have my phone out when there were whitecaps. That would be dumb.

And there was a brewery stop.

And Kindling.
There was some cheering on of Shorty at the Dakota 5-0,

He is crazy.

Some hiking with a fabulous bunch of ladies.

Some good coffee.

Not pictured: more Kindling.

But most of all, there was sleep.

After a couple of weeks of feeling too run down to function properly (thank you, summer), this weekend was an opportunity to get caught up on everything. The hiking, the kayaking -- but especially the sleep.

And oh my goodness, did it feel good.

Now, once again, we're off to the races -- but the winter races are all about distance and endurance, not about sprinting and dodging obstacles.

I like not-summer.

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