Friday, September 2, 2016


Part of the reason I read Wait But Why is that the author, Tim Urban, likes to approach technical topics in a holistic fashion -- or rather, often from six directions at once. Then he starts from the most basic facts and builds.

One of the other reasons I read it is that when he's faced with a non-technical topic, he takes a logical standpoint and breaks it down similarly, although specifically for his viewpoint. As it happens, his viewpoint is often similar to mine. Not identical, but relatable.

Which is why I'll send you here:

This is altogether a strange topic for me, both as a very comfortably single human and as someone working in a place where that's not entirely normal. And while I can understand how such a decision can come easily to others, I find the idea alone pretty scary for some of the very reasons he discusses. [It's all about that grey area thing...]

So. Go read. It's a little long and I should probably give you a language warning. But go read anyway.

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