Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Yay For Local!

Quick story:

I got a curious phone call today. It was from a gentleman from our local travel/outdoor store, Roam'n Around, and he was actually looking for my mother. "Do you know her? She bought some socks from us and didn't get the discount she should have. I'd like to fix that."

Well, yes, I know her. He read off her number and I assured him that would work -- in half an hour, when she was home. And of course, then I called her to let her know what was going on.

To recap:

In a bout of awesome customer service, the error was realized, research was done (in this case, use of a phone book), and the problem was rectified -- even though it took a couple of tries to make sure they had the right person. A couple days after the fact, even (she bought her socks on Saturday), but somehow that makes it even more impressive. We're a small town, but we're not so small that there was any guarantee this would work.

Well done, Roam'n Around. You definitely have loyal customers for life.

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