Monday, August 29, 2016


Things I've Been Reminded Of This Week

1. There are certain tasks I really don't mind doing alone, as long as I have enough time. Cleaning our lodges happens to be one of those, although it's a little embarrassing if people walk in at the wrong time while I'm blasting OK Go through a building.

2. Summer recovery always takes longer than I remember.

3. The Harry Potter series is fantastic. I'm up to the sixth book now -- it's been so long since I read them last. (It's also far more emotionally brutal than I remember. Umbridge ... *Shudder.*)

4. I enjoy shoe shopping a bit too much.

5. I love brown rice crackers. However, if you leave a box open on a humid night, they get particularly weird.

6. My eating habits get completely destroyed over the summer and are really hard to rediscover in the fall. Thankfully, this doesn't mean I'm only eating junk food ... Unfortunately, it does mean I forget to eat at all sometimes.

7. I am not very patient.

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