Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Stride

1. To my Minneapolitian friends: what happened? Why did so many of you lose power? 

2. We've hit the middle of the summer -- we're in stride, the place is hopping, and the reality is there's just not much left. Four weeks and it's over. I'm not sure how to take that. 

3. I'm coming off a fantastic weekend that managed to be an actual respite from the psychosis here -- a show, camping, fireworks, a trek to the ranch, lots of awesome meals, even a couple of movies... 

4. In related news, "The Legend of Tarzan" is extra sad when you realize what followed the timeline there in real life. And the new "Independence Day" is quite entertaining, if a little cheesy. (But so is the original, so that's okay.) 

5. Some not fun weather around here. I was driving the wrong direction: directly into it. 

The worst has passed us at least. I'm hoping those east of here are okay...

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