Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Things To Share

We've had a couple days of staff training here at the camp, which means (a) I'm ready to hole up in my house for an evening, and (b) I have a lot of random facts in my head, both about the kids and the camp.

And maybe I'm a little hoarse from all of the talking.

As a part of training, we do a fair number of getting-to-know-you activities. After all, most of the summer staff lives on site and a good chunk of them don't really know each other before the summer starts. The first days are a crash course in new job responsibilities and the quirks of the neighbors --  it doesn't hurt to get a head start on that last part.

And every year, I find myself sharing the same handful of facts: family, places I've been, what I've studied. Essentials, yes, but not necessarily exciting.

This year, I finally had a new one.

Everything I own is coffee stained.

It says a bit more about me than I really thought, namely about both my caffeine habits and the frequency with which I spill things.

Which got me to thinking. What else would be new and different? And for that matter, might be a tad more interesting?

How about ...

My movie collection contains most of the Muppet movies -- and also most of Mel Brooks' movies.

That certainly says something about my sense of humor. And my upbringing. And sort of my age.

For a solid five years as an adult, I never bought a loaf of bread -- I only made my own.

Hm. That sounds a bit pretentious. It was mostly because I like to bake and I prefer my own bread to the stuff that comes in bags. Now I don't bake as much because I don't eat it fast enough.

I have four games downloaded on my phone. Five now, because summer staffers.

I'm learning to uninstall the stuff I don't use.

In all of my traveling, I've never spent time on an island you couldn't somehow reach by car or train.

No cruises. Also no Japan, Hawaii, or Australia. (Sad face.)

I enjoy hiking, but I prefer long-distance hikes to a collection of 14ers.

Just one of those things.

There. Five! Four I haven't even used yet! Now we'll see if I can remember those later on when they can come in handy...

"He died??!! This is supposed to be a kids' movie!" -- Gonzo

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