Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Journal Update

A couple months back, I was introduced to the bullet journal world. Given my proclivity for journaling -- and list-making, scheduling, planning, and all that -- I realized this was something I should try.

I'm a few weeks in with this particular journal.

Isn't it pretty?

Okay, okay, maybe I've had some fun with things. Like washi tape, a substance I always considered ridiculous. Turns out you can dress up plain grey notebooks with it.

The pen holder was a Pinterest find from Mia Sorella and it's been awesome. (Note: That's a couple chunks of fabric and two pieces of elastic to wrap it on. I'd send you to the site but the tutorial is awkwardly hard to follow. So I suppose ... Ask if you'd like details?) I don't make a lot of use of the colored pens but it's handy to have them on hand for calendars.

The things I've noticed:

- I make a lot of use of my monthly calendars, which I draw out as a two-page spread like a normal wall calendar. Handy for me and easy to throw on the whole camp schedule along with my own stuff. It took about fifteen minutes to get June, July and August drawn up, including most of the events.

- I'm writing a lot more than I was before. I don't know if it's just having it handy all the time or the fact that I pull it out for other things (lists and "meeting" notes) but ... dang. Seriously. This one might be full by September.

- Even in the handwritten world, I'll tend toward spreadsheets. This is my Everything Checker, where I track things from my daily steps to whether I'm getting work and housecleaning stuff done to my mood.

Turns out I can fit three months across two pages. Nice.

- I haven't used the future log yet, but ... maybe? If something comes up that goes beyond my three month spread?

- I also haven't used the key yet, but I don't really have a hard-and-fast bullet system, either. Again, that might change as I get further into it.

- I still hate the term "bujo." It's just not a pretty word.

So there you have it. I like the system. It has let me cut down significantly on the pile of stuff I carry along with me. And it's fun, so I keep using it. (And when it's not fun, I change it up just a bit so it is again.) All in all a successful experiment thus far.

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