Monday, June 6, 2016


So ... I have a shoe thing.
It's genetic, I swear. My mother has always been a shoe person and apparently I picked that up, too.

Which is partially why I was so darn excited when my new Chacos arrived today. Only partially, though, since I've been wanting a new pair since I destroyed my original ones five years ago. 

They haven't been a ... practical choice since then. While Chacos are fantastic for a lot of things (they're surprisingly tough and I find them incredibly comfortable for summer hikes) they're not approved for things like commercial kitchens. And if I can't regularly wear them at work, I have a hard time justifying their presence in my life.

This year, though, while looking for my birthday shoe splurge, I realized there was nothing I wanted more. And then with a little creativity, I didn't actually have to shell out any money of my own for them.

I feel like a proper camp bum now. My feet already love them. It is amazing.

... And now I think I might go repaint my toenails.

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