Friday, June 3, 2016

Prep Time

If there's one catch to the beginning of the summer, it is the fact that for the next three weeks I'll barely feel like I can keep my head above water.

It's funny. Four years in and things have definitely gotten easier, but then new things get tossed on top. Complications. Rules. Paperwork. Random schedule shifts. Of course, there are the expected things -- a completely different group of summer staffers makes for a completely different summer -- but then things like the Chef Lady and M-Man's imminent departure change the dynamics, too.

So of course this is the year I decided to cut back on the Pepsi. [Editor's note: It's not working.]

There is one thing I've learned over the years: if I don't have an escape route of some kind, even just a five-minute one, I'll lose my mind. Hence posts about reading lists and such this year (and all the random meal prep I've done in the last week involving chicken, onions, and Brussels sprouts). And that stack of sewing projects I want to attempt.

Now, I work on the trails I want to check off the list on available mornings and the occasional evening. And a let's-hit-the-lake bag to have on hand for the kayak. Upcoming events in Rapid City to keep an eye on. Concerts.

... I've learned. Now to put that all to use.

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