Thursday, June 30, 2016

Number Six

I knew going into my Harney challenge that June and July would be the toughest months to get. 

A good chunk of that is scheduling -- I just don't have the free time most of the summer. And some of it is admittedly weather because I like to enjoy my hikes. I do not enjoy 90-plus-degree hikes. Ew. 

This morning, though, I found both the time and the right weather window. And as luck would have it ... it's June 30th.

Just in time.

Click for the full-sized version.

I'm also happy to say I made it in 71 minutes -- one of my fastest so far.

My hiking uniform: grey shirt, black skirt, shoes that are occasionally questionable.

The trail was moderately crowded, but it turns out that if you hike in a tank top and look determined, most folks move off the trail to let you by. (The crowd was pretty friendly overall. I high-fived at least three Packers fans.)

Good day.

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