Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beat The Heat

The summer staff is in. Our first camp of the season has started. Things are going ... relatively smoothly. And just for fun, the high for today is over 100.

I hope this isn't an indicator for the rest of the summer.

This means certain mantras kick in. "Take a lot of breaks. We don't need to rush everything. Drink enough water. Are you drinking enough water? ARE YOU?" [Note: I'm bad at drinking enough water.] It's a day for strategically placed water coolers and a certain thankfulness for office work.

And okay, maybe I'm a little relieved that I can slip home for a bit and chill out. Yesterday I overheated early on and it made the rest of the day pretty miserable. Today it'd be wonderful if I could avoid that.

And so I ask ...

How's your pace today?

Are you drinking enough water?


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