Saturday, June 4, 2016

An Adventure

... In Housekeeping with Ashley

I believe I've noted here before that, despite my current occupation, I am not a super housekeeper. I'll point out that I'm pretty darn good at taking care of the camp -- but when it comes to my own house, it's ... problematic.

That being said, the beginning of summer usually inspires me to get things under control so that I don't lose my mind later on.

This is how this tends to go.

1. Turn on television to something that doesn't require attention or turn on an audiobook.

2. Cue up the UfYH app (um, language warning) to use the 20/10 timer because marathon cleaning is a bad idea. And also so I can check a few things off my "to clean" list. It's a useful app for messy folks like me.

3. Have a hard time generating the energy to get started.

4. Hit a stride.

5. Ignore first 10-minute break to continue laundry.

6. Make serious progress.

7. Get distracted by Facebook while taking the next break and find myself wondering if I do, in fact, own a copy of "The Blues Brothers." (I do. Also "Caddyshack," "Animal House," "Clue," both original "Ghostbusters" films, almost everything Mel Brooks has done ... I should consider some comedies from the last twenty-five years.)

8. Swap the audiobook for an old flick and get back to it.

9. Acknowledge to self that I should probably cut back on book purchases. And build more shelves. [Why do I have two copies of The Making of the Atomic Bomb? I mean, it's good, but one is plenty.]

10. Sudden realize multiple hours have passed and be excited about how much better things look.

11. Also realize I need to take out my cardboard more often. Sheesh.

12. Rotate laundry again. And start considering bed.

13. Just one more round!

14. ... Okay, that does it. I'm exhausted. Time to sleep. Jot down a few more necessary steps, then make a note to blog the next morning and crash for the night.

Hopefully I can knock out a few more of those steps soon...

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