Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Catch Up Game

We're at THAT stage of the game.

You know. You've gotten back from vacation. You were feeling pretty good about where you left things -- but that doesn't matter. Your email exploded while you were gone, or something brand new and terrifying came up, or there are new people visiting that you didn't know of, or you just plain forgot what month it was.

Lucky for me, the "new and terrifying" didn't happen. The rest of it ... Well. It's May.

May means two things for me.

1. It's almost time for summer so the big push starts.

2. All of the family things are happening.

There is a three week span from the end of April till ... now, that includes four birthdays in the immediate family (4 of 7, to be exact), one anniversary, and Mother's Day. It's always been on the verge of utter chaos, since May also tends to bring graduations and moves and who knows what else.

This year isn't awful. I'm still behind.

And I admit, I find myself wondering if it was worth it. But then....

I know. I'm missing some key areas. And on some level, I feel like I "should" have gotten there by now.

But then I realize that the map looked like this only three years ago (and hadn't really changed in the five years prior).

Maybe I'm doing all right after all.

All the same. Lots to get done. I should get back to that.

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