Wednesday, May 11, 2016


What do you do for your birthday?

I ask this because this morning I awoke and I was officially 32. I've been accidentally telling people I'm 32 since roughly Thanksgiving, but today I'm actually correct.

I don't feel 32, whatever that's supposed to mean. I don't exactly feel 20, either (thankfully -- been there, done that), but I get the feeling I'm supposed to ... feel old?

Something like this.
And maybe there's something to that. I have summer staffers now who are actually less than half my age. The "middle-aged" line is rapidly approaching. [That's a John Green trick I learned. You're not middle-aged until you triple your age and it seems unlikely. So at 30, that was 90 -- and I fully expect to live that long, provided I don't get hit by a bus. But 96 is getting up there.] And by all accounts, my joints don't always work like they used to.

But I digress. What do you do for your birthday?

I've been pretty lucky over the years. Not a lot of big parties, but a fair number of random happenings over time that have gotten to be stories. When I turned 18, I happened to be at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City with my physics class and got to ride roller coasters all day. Multiple college birthdays were right around finals week and involved big dinners and late nights. When I turned 21, there was a blizzard. At 25, I celebrated with two other folks that had the same birthday. At thirty -- well, it was rainy and cold but I got to hang out with my pretty awesome family. Last year was wine tasting, dinner, and a long drive through the Hills. Nothing too huge most of the time, but usually memorable enough.

This year, I get to hang out along the Kentucky/Virginia border. Avoid some rain. Find a hike. Enjoy the Appalachians. Perhaps track down a brewery.


It's a good day.

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