Friday, April 15, 2016

This Week's Vignettes

1. That warm weather I mentioned in my fire post continued through yesterday (right up to a thunderstorm last night), meaning I spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon working from my deck.

It was lovely.

2. I find it terribly amusing that my conversations in restaurants and bars can come back to haunt me through direct marketing. Case in point: Amazon is insisting I go back and buy a book on Scientology or one of those old-school HP scientific calculators that runs on RPN. [Note: It's alarming that I'm actually considering it.]

3. It's also a little scary, since this happens because I ran a Google search on my phone, which is tied to the same account I use for ... well, everything, and since that's the case it turns up in the sidebar of other websites when I'm at work on that laptop.

4. 2016 is a weird place to live.

5. I discovered tubes of gumballs in the dollar spot at Target. My teeth may not recover.

6. The ServSafe training manual is not the most riveting of literature.

7. My new expensive habit: pumpernickel bread with mascarpone cheese. In fact, that sounds like breakfast... [Note: I'm not sure why I'm fully functional now when it's going to be a very long day.]

8. All other things being equal, go with the option that makes the better story.

9. This last weekend's trip to the eastern side of the state deserves a post of its very own ... except that post would mostly be a straight list of people I saw and the things I ate. So I'll summarize here.

I managed to catch up with three high school friends (two restaurants and the new house of the other), one camp dean (did you know Mitchell has okay Chinese food? Yeah, neither did I), drop in at a brewery in Sioux Falls that I'd been meaning to catch (WoodGrain Brewing Company -- highly recommended), and drop in on a surprise birthday party.

But the main event was Miss M's graduate recital.

She's ridiculously talented, guys.

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