Thursday, April 28, 2016


Maiden lady librarians who give piano lessons are a specialty of mine ... I'll back her into a corner and breathe on her glasses.
- Harold Hill, "The Music Man"

It was over twenty years ago -- the very beginning of sixth grade, to be more precise. We were at my sister's basketball game. Mom asked me what the score was; now I'm not sure if it was a test or if she actually wanted to know.

I couldn't tell her, no matter how hard I squinted. The next day I had an eye appointment.

My first pair of glasses were Harry-Potter-round and bright blue. (Some days I wonder why I was allowed to make my own decisions about such things.) They got broken repeatedly. My second pair was much more sophisticated-looking and made of some kind of super-flexible material.

It took a full year before I really broke those.

Junior year of high school, I made the switch to contacts after a few too many years of not being able to see well on the soccer field. (I'd given up seeing on the field after the first time I caught a ball with my face and broke that first pair.) Since then, contacts have been my default and as a general rule, I prefer them.

After all, glasses fog up. All the dang time. If it rains, they're a pain in the neck. If you take a picture, you get glare. And if you wear contacts normally and just need glasses for back-up, shelling out at least $250 for a pair (rarely completely covered by insurance, mind you) seems ridiculous.

What I'm saying is -- for a lot of years, I was making do with broken glasses with a years-old prescription. Ew.

But after years of putting little plastic shards in my eyes every day [too much?] I realized there were certain advantages to glasses. They make it easier to be lazy in the morning. My eyes don't get as dry. And on weeks like this one, when I have a cat around, my allergies don't bug me as much.

Plus there was the discovery of Warby Parker. I've mentioned them before, and now after my third pair of glasses (and one pair of sunglasses) I'm a full believer. They're sturdy. They're fun. And they're inexpensive enough that I can have two pairs for very different outfits.

That's right. I prefer my glasses coordinate. What of it?

Bonus: The flexible spending on my health insurance covers the cost.

Extra bonus: For each pair that's ordered, another pair gets donated to someone who needs them.

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