Monday, April 11, 2016

I Missed It!

 ... but as yesterday was Siblings' Day, I had to post something about the two yahoos I get to claim.

You know them here as Shorty ...

I imagine that's how he feels about his title, too
 ... and Mia Sorella.

I'm incredibly fortunate to say I actually enjoy hanging out with my siblings, a fact that hasn't always been true (hey, I was a teenager once, too) but is now pretty awesome.

Oh my goodness, we were adorable. And Bugsy was too.
  They're fun to have around.


Through our shared loves of travel, outdoors stuff of several varieties, quoting "Psych" and "Community" at the drop of a hat, and occasionally breaking into song, we've managed to keep things interesting for our parents and others for multiple decades now.

Plus, you know, they both married well and I get to claim some awesome in-law-siblings, too. (That would be Jay and Miss M to you people.)

Love you both, and I'll talk to you each soon.

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