Saturday, March 12, 2016

This Week's Things

1. It is going to be way too nice today and I don't intend to stay inside.

2. I'm going through an Eggs Benedict phase and, while that's been a delicious phase, I'm waiting for it to pass so I can give my cholesterol a break.

3. This.

4. It's calving season out at my grandparents' place, and in my paging through this lovely blog I rediscovered this from a few years back. I think the sentiment still applies.

 5. Finally -- and I could really use some feedback here -- I am hoping to get myself a new laptop for my birthday. My 7-year-old Toshiba, while still (surprisingly) functional, is ... we'll say wearing out. It's time. I could use some suggestions and recommendations for anything that has performed well in this decade.

Requirements: Sorry, Mac friends, but I'm looking for a PC. Something fully-functional (not a tablet -- I need a keyboard, dangnabbit) and relatively inexpensive. And if at all possible, not too fragile. I put my laptops through a lot, including some seriously long-distance drives.

Okay. Off I go. There's some diem to carpe around here...

Sophie was a week old when I took this ...

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