Sunday, March 13, 2016

Practically Perfect In Every Way

My March hike is in the books!

This weekend has been one of absurdly good weather and surprisingly helpful circumstances. Over 70 degrees out -- and our guests are a small group that are mostly hanging out in the Hills away from camp.

Yesterday, taking advantage of that, I made my usual trek to Sylvan Lake.

First things first -- a stop by the Coffee Cabin outside Hill City on the way. (I love those guys. They give me energy.) There was a line this time ... and their sign with the day's special amused me.


The trail was dry for most of the way -- a huge improvement over last month's snowpack -- although there were also a lot more downed trees, some of which blocked the trail.

I suspect this one of falling the day I hiked last month. If so, it killed my snowman.

Maybe that's why I have "Psycho Killer" by the Talking Heads stuck in my head.

 Traffic was up, too. I chatted with a few other hikers, including our weekend guests and one speedy guy who leapfrogged me and missed the turn to the tower.

I had assumed he was through-hiking #9. I was wrong.

Tee hee!

Made it to the top in just under 80 minutes, my fastest time this year by a large margin. (Turns out you can go faster when it's not icy! And when you have proper footwear...) Next month, maybe I save the mocha for after and see if I can cut down another 5 minutes.

Did I mention the perfect weather?
By the time I got back to my car, the only thing on my mind -- besides the roast Mom had mentioned for dinner that night -- was a nap. This led to a downright heavenly afternoon.


March. Who knew?

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