Friday, March 18, 2016

My Own Personal Pinterest Moment

So ... I had a bit of a victory yesterday and I really need to share it.

It's kind of dumb. I'm sorry.

I have two basic issues at war that were somewhat rectified. The first is that I am ... a bit of a slob. (Shh. I heard you.) The second is that as of late, I've been buying earrings in large quantities.

The earrings make a bit more sense when you realize that (a) there are a lot of clearances going on and (b) I've got double piercings in my ears and will regularly wear four mismatched earrings if given the opportunity. Also, (c) I have the kind of job where fun jewelry is appreciated by small children and having semi-disposable ones comes in handy. (Seriously, sometimes it seems like I shed them. My good stuff gets double-backed whenever possible.)


These recent acquisitions called for a new storage solution and stud earrings are ... difficult. I looked around for various holders before realizing I had something at home gathering dust.

And so I hung up a shadow box and went nuts.
... Please ignore that pineapple.
I'd played with a lot of cork ideas, but the pluses to the shadow box (besides the fact that I already had it from an old trip project that didn't work out) are that it has a door and the backing is thicker than any of the corkboard I had. It's also really easy to use -- I hold on to the sales cards largely so they're easier to pack, but it was a bonus moment when I realized all those loose pairs could be stabbed directly into the canvas.

And one more? I have so much space for more (especially as I give up the cards). Woot.

I'm sure there are lots of people who have done this, but maybe now I'll save someone else the Pinterest surfing.

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