Sunday, March 20, 2016

Brakes & A Fun Run

I left poor Sophie at my parents' house last night.

Something is going on with her brakes, and after changing a tire (which is a mystery all its own) I begged Mom to let me borrow a vehicle for a couple of days instead of driving around with strange scraping noises and a spare tire. What I didn't do before leaving her in their garage and running away with my mother's vehicle was empty any stuff out of the car.

Yep. I look incredibly dorky.
It was late. I was tired. And I figured it'd be fine for a couple days.

Well, perhaps I should have given myself a few minutes. Today's main event was the Run for the Rangers, an annual 5K walk/run hosted by Granite Sports to benefit the local high school's track team. The weather forecast was sunny with a high of 53 degrees ... but it wasn't yet over 40 when we left the camp.

Here is a list of things currently in my car:

- My good trail running shoes
- Lots of gloves
- A stash of Clif Bars (okay, those were unnecessary, but I was wishing for one on the drive to Hill City)
- My Camelbak, which itself is filled with goodies
- A fleece jacket that was juuuust the right weight
- My favorite sweatshirt, adding insult to stupidity
- My sunglasses


As luck would have it, the temperature steadily rose, making most of that unnecessary. And my companions were surprisingly tolerant of me being hungry and whiny the entire time.

It was a shockingly beautiful day for a fun run and the turnout ... Well, this was less than half the crowd toward the end of the prize giveaway (roughly the point where the big prizes ran out and Pat got tired of reading names). With any luck, there's more than enough scholarship money for this year.

And okay, it was also a lot of fun.

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