Friday, February 12, 2016

Electronic Hoarding

These were all in reach of my couch when I decided I needed a visual aid.
I have a minor ... we'll call it media collection problem.

In this season of giving up questionable habits, I took a look around to see what I should consider. No one wants me to give up coffee (least of all me). I'm not going to give up Facebook when it's also my primary means of communication with several of my camp deans. I could do what I did in college; I gave up Walmart once for Lent and it ended up lasting three years.

[Side note: At the time, it was also a budget thing. I had a tendency to go into Walmart and buy a bunch of junk I didn't need. When I gave it up, I also learned to budget.]

When I looked around, though, I was presented with my own special hoarding habit.

Clearly, books have always been an issue for me. Acquiring them isn't necessarily an issue -- I mean, they're books! -- but I need to read what I have. Besides books, there's my overstuffed DVR with plenty of unwatched episodes. My Amazon Prime watchlist that isn't getting any shorter. I have all sorts of audiobooks that have been languishing in my phone, unlistened to and sad. My Kindle ... let's not talk about that one.

I know I'm not alone in this one. Who out there has a Netflix queue that could make your mother cry? Who else has a stack of books that are only partially read? Who is far enough behind on a TV series that getting caught up may require time off work?

... I think maybe that last one could also require a realignment of your priorities.

With that in mind, I realized a change was in order. No, I'm not giving up books. That would be asinine. But before I acquire a new one I have to finish one. I'm not allowed to pick up any new TV shows -- and by Easter, I have to either (a) watch a few episodes of the series I'm behind on or (b) delete a few anyway. And dangnabbit, no new audiobooks until I've finished a few more. (Possibly not till my next road trip.)

Maaaaaybe I can put a kibosh on all new Kindle acquisitions. That wouldn't be a bad idea.

This is a season of reflection and cutting back, a chance to reevaluate your priorities and focus on the things that matter. And as for me ... I could use some restructuring.

Plus there are some fascinating topics in that stack that have been waiting for my attention. Really, it's about time.

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