Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Did you know that even if a 4-year-old dislocates his or her elbow, anesthesia is necessary to put it back into place?

My mother learned this the hard way a couple weeks ago when she hit a patch of ice on a sidewalk and went down. Hard. After a few hours (about 8 -- ew), she was casted and sent home, and now has been downgraded to a Bionic Woman brace that allows for a little movement and mostly covers the somewhat terrifying bruises that resulted from said fall. She was incredibly fortunate; nothing broke, cracked or chipped and she is recovering quickly.

Perhaps my answer to this -- to hike Harney alone a few days later despite a fair bit of trail covered in snowpack and ice -- wasn't the best, but it was a good reminder that you can get hurt in the most benign places. May as well enjoy your free time anyway.

[Side note: I also learned that I can spell "anesthesia" without spellcheck, which feels like more an accomplishment than it really is.]

I tell you this story not out of explanation for my extended absence (simply put, I just haven't felt much like writing) but because I reeeeeeeeally don't want to address the elephant in the year.

I don't enjoy election years. At all.

The mudslinging, the Facebook arguments, the characteristically awful debates, the fact that independents can't vote in primaries -- seriously, until October, I feel like my time is utterly wasted every time a headline pops up or a fight breaks out.

The fact that I've been listening to this ... stuff for multiple months already does not improve my mood.

I know. I know this is part of our process as Americans [whyyyyyy?!!] and that no amount of arguing whining on my part will do any good. But for crying out loud. It's exhausting, people.

[Side note: Also not aiding this is our current legislative session here in SoDak, where politicians are making me angry. Not productive anger, either.]

With that, I am spent. I don't want to talk politics. I do want to leave you with ... something, though, so here's a Super-Bowl-related xkcd. (Sort of.)

You know, if he doesn't retire, there are going to be a lot of disappointed people who have already made his retirement announcement for him....

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