Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year?

Raise your hand if you're relieved to see 2015 gone.

[Hand up!]

Usually at the end of a year like this last one, it's good to take the time to reflect. Ruminate. Figure out what needs to change. This year, I feel like I just need to run away from a bully into what is hopefully the safe shelter of 2016.

It started with Dad's heart attack. Included the Bossman's cancer diagnosis. Lots of moves. There were car issues across the board (they seemed to all come at once) and I learned that I just shouldn't rent cars.

There were good things, too. My baby brother got married and hey, I paid off my student loans!

Basically, it seems that when things were good they were really, really good and when they were bad they were rotten.

So it seems only natural that yesterday, on the last day of 2015, while people were having a bunch of fun inside the house, someone went through all of the unlocked cars in my parents' driveway and made off with any cash they found.

Oh -- and the cars in the garage, too.

And rearranged a few things. (For instance, a purse pulled out of one car was dumped in the backseat of my car, because apparently that was necessary.)

No damage, but we all learned a lesson in making sure our cars are locked in ... quiet neighborhoods?

2015, that's all you get. You're done. Move along.

2016 -- I have high hopes for you.

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