Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rugged Yuppie Expectations

Denver is usually my most predictable stop.

That's some of its allure. It's relaxing. Familiar but fresh. When I pulled into town on Thursday afternoon, I was ready for that relaxation.

So the first thing? Shorty takes me to his bouldering gym.

Expectation: It'd be fun but not really my thing.
Reality: It was fun and now I want to buy climbing shoes and Rapid needs one of these gyms so I can go all the time. [Deep, cleansing breath.]

We followed with dinner before he dropped me off at Daz's place (henceforth referred to as the DH Hotel) and I got to get caught up with the man himself. Badly needed. Also ... lots of Disney movies.

Gosh, I love staying at the DH Hotel. (The coffee is great, too.)

Friday evening, after an incredibly lazy day, I met up with Mr. Rogers for dinner.

Now, to clarify a few things, Mr. Rogers had gotten his hands on one ticket to the Packers-Broncos game and I had been ... peeved. (Yeah, that's the word.) Over dinner, I didn't bring it up. After all, there was no way I'd stop him from going to the game (and not just because I don't have any such power). So by the time we parted ways, it sat as:

Expectation: He'd go to the game and eventually I'd ask for details.
Reality: Half an hour after he dropped me off at the DH Hotel, I got a text message. Containing a picture of Sophie's center console. And a ticket safely tucked away. "Go. Have fun and send me pictures."

I ... freaked out.

Ladies of Denver: If you or one of your good friends is in the market for a pretty fantastic -- and rather attractive -- dude, send me a note. Following a brief screening and approval process, I will introduce you.

Then it was Halloween.

First, I was introduced to a new game. Was someone wearing a costume -- or were they just normal downtown Denver folks? Daz and I people-watched over brunch before he got ready to trick-or-treat with his niece and nephew.

Expectation: After I entertained myself for awhile, there was the potential for costumes and fun with Daz's friends. If not that, we'd watch scary movies when he got back.
Reality: No costume for me, but plenty of fun -- and since I decided to get dinner from a nearby brewery, I also made friends with another random traveler and found a couple additional places (before catching up with Daz). Hindsight tells me that this was a much bigger highlight than I realized at the time, as the conversation with said traveler stuck with me.

Always talk to strangers. You might be surprised.

Then ... It was Sunday.

Original Expectation: I'd meet up with Mr. Rogers and we'd find a place to watch the game.
Revised Expectation: I'd find a nearby spot to watch the game, probably with a bunch of other Cheeseheads since the town seemed to be crawling with them.
Extra-Revised Expectation: I would retrieve a ticket (my car was parked at my brother's house), get to the stadium, have a lot of fun and meet new people and ultimately the game would be awesome.
Reality: ... Well, most of that. Maybe let's not talk about the game.

The view was fantastic even from up top.

Overall, it was awesome. My heart rate kicked up the moment I reached the stadium and didn't calm till I got back to my car. My game companion was awesome (and not surprised that Mr. Rogers handed off the ticket). The fans on both sides were amazing. The game was ... well, disappointing, but hey, still a lot of fun.

The next morning, I would get an early start as I headed for Texas. That night, though, I found myself exhausted, my head spinning as I tried to sleep.

Denver. Never a dull moment.

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