Wednesday, September 2, 2015


While things have slowed down around here, I still haven't gotten back into a "normal" routine. So while I puzzle out what I should eat for dinner tonight, here's what's had me distracted this week.
Some Things

1. One of the weirdest parts of my parents living out here is that now I can run into them in the grocery store. Also meet them for lunch. But mostly the grocery store thing.

2. If you would, a friend of mine (Mr. Rogers, of the first Seoul trip) is currently on an extended bike trip and could use some friendly thoughts and prayers. (Things are going pretty well so far -- but, well, he's in Virginia right now and it's hot there. And he's got quite a few miles to go.)

3. I've had an almost-cold all week long. I think it's partially allergies, partially smoke from Idaho, and partially my body's usual reaction to summer ending. ["I'm done! You're on your own!" ... "Hey, that's not how this works..."]

4. I need to put a larger microSD card in my phone. I'm not looking forward to transferring all the stuff on the current card. (Lamest problem of my week right there.)

5. There have been more opportunities lately to take pictures like this.

More on that later.

6. I'm looking forward to a big family gathering this weekend. And Italian food fest. Should be awesome.

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