Tuesday, September 15, 2015


So I've got this trip planned.

And I feel like I could use some insight.

So, if you would ... Any information would be fantastic!

1. Favorite places in and around San Antonio and Austin.

2. Must-see spots at the Grand Canyon. (Any particular tourist spots to find or avoid? Keep in mind that the north rim will be closed to visitors by the time I get there.)

3. I'm also shopping around a bit for places to stay -- camping, couches, hotels, whatever it takes. I've made a few requests already but I'm always open to suggestions.

4. Finally, if there are any generous benefactors out there who would help a girl score tickets to a Packers-Broncos game on November 1st (to fulfill a bucket list item), that would be awesome. [Yes, I'd pay for them. They've just been ... elusive so far.]

Never hurts to ask, right?

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Amanda said...

1a. For a single day in San Antonio here's what I'd do: Start at Mission Espada and work your way north to Missions Concepcion. Stop at Fruteria La Mission near Mission San Jose - skip the chili powder. You'll probably be done around lunch unless you really drag it out or decide to bike the whole way. Skip over downtown and have lunch at the Pearl. My favorite lunch spot is the Granary. Excellent BBQ and good local beer. Head back south to the Alamo. Then, take the boat ride around the River Walk (yes, it's super touristy, but your legs are probably tired and it's the best way to see everything without feeling like someone is going to push you in to the river at any second). Head a little farther south to the King William district. If you're not exhausted, take yourself on the historical homes tour. If you're tired, a drive through works too. Depending on what day you're here, South Town (near King William) is a fun place for dinner. It really comes alive in the evenings, especially on the first Friday of the month.

1b. I don't have great recommendations for Austin itself. The capital building is kind of cool as is the S. Congress area. Lots of great places to eat and an IKEA. :)

1c. Between San Antonio and Austin are TON of cool German towns. Check into the Octoberfest celebrations if you're coming before November. If you're up for an all-day wine tasting adventure, head north of San Antonio to Fredericksburg. You can also hike Enchanted Rock, check out Hamilton Pool (limestone cave/spring/waterfall thing) or Jacob's Well (not as cool as Hamilton Pool, but a much quicker stop).

2. We hiked along the south rim trail when we were there because the North Rim was still closed in late April. I would try hard to stay in the park if you can. Our hotel was really far away and pretty crappy. Since you're willing to camp for real, it might actually be an option for you. If we ever go again, we'll plan far enough ahead to actually hike to the bottom (or take a boat to the bottom). We came in to the park from the east, and the east side was less crowded.

Sorry... that was total information overload!