Saturday, August 8, 2015


Summer is wrapping up around here, meaning that we're headed into our "downtime."
Okay, okay, okay. Yes. It will be less chaotic. A look at the calendar doesn't have me convinced of that just yet (September is insane) but not so deep down, I know things are settling just a bit.
Which means that my internal compass has clicked over to start seriously considering where I want to go next.
Of course, that list is longer than can actually be attempted in one winter. However, if I break it down just right I might be able to manage a few things.

This, of course, got me thinking about how I define my trips. Which... got complicated quickly.


Mini-trip: It takes less than three hours to get there and I might just go because I can. Also known as "Tuesday."

Fabulous tour.
Day trip: I can make it there and back in one day and spend at least as much time at the destination as it took to get there. (I did this with some frequency when I lived in Wausau to various Wisconsin destinations. From here, Sioux Falls is on the outside edge of an enjoyable day trip.)

Overnighter: That outside edge, plus about an hour. Visiting Mia Sorella while she lived in Verm could have been an overnighter.

Weekend trip: If I can leave after work and get there before midnight, it's a comfortable weekend trip.

Excursion: Takes a bit longer to get there with the intent of staying and playing a bit longer as well. At this point I might consider buying a plane ticket. (When I pause to think about it, I've gone on a lot of excursions.)

Tour: A long road trip with the goals of (a) driving a lot, and (b) seeing brand new things. My favorite kind of trip. Also takes the longest to plan.

.... This has been in space!
Vacation: All about the destination. Most likely to involve a flight. In my world, this is the stage that's most likely to involve a beach as well. (I'm not a huge beach person, so this is kind of weird.)


This year, I managed a quick trip to Vegas (which I'm putting under "excursion") and a business-trip-turned-vacation to Florida. Both were excellent.

This winter? Well. We'll see what all actually happens, but right now I'm leaning toward an overnighter/weekender to visit Mia Sorella, a potential excursion to southern Colorado, a tour (perhaps to the Southwest ... Which reminds me, there are a few folks in the San Antonio area that I should chat with soon...), and maybe, just maybe, a full-on vacation at the end of the year.

Putting them in list form like that seems excessive. Suppose that's the consequence of three months without the ability to leave. That internal compass is going a little crazy.

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