Thursday, July 9, 2015

And Just Like That, It's July

Clearly that experiment crashed and burned.

I'm referring, of course, to some ridiculous idea I had about posting daily. That for some reason I decided to start at the end of April. Which leads immediately into the summer.


Tonight, I find myself contemplating life on my deck while listening to a 100 kids dance along to "Thriller" over at the main hall. I can't be positive, but by the sounds of the clapping ... they actually know what they're doing. Which is nuts, given that none of those kids are over 12.

It's been a crazy summer. Mostly good ... but definitely nuts. My baby brother got married. My boss just had surgery. My summer crew is excellent but also prone to hosing each other in the dishroom. All the while, the things that make camp life interesting -- like the dance party on the patio [Why?! Why must they play LMFAO?!] -- continue to be fodder for so many stories.

I need to talk about the wedding and the surgery and the staff -- and also concerts in Deadwood and ER runs and pineapples and bison and the things guests do and what it's like to have 120 kids chant AT you. All of those things are full posts unto themselves.

But tonight? Tonight I listen to distant pop music and eat take-out sushi and wonder what else the summer has in store.

We're halfway through. Four weeks till the rally. Eight till Labor Day. (Two weeks till Mr. Rogers is done at his kind of awful project and I at least temporarily have a friend in the area again.)

Halfway. Crazy.

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